Stop what you are doing because you, and everyone else on the freaking planet, needs to know this. Shock! Horror!

The President has a potty mouth because he used a foul four-letter word!

U.S. President G. W. Bush used a profane word during a conversation with a friend that was mistakenly transmitted to the press!

George Bush, former cocaine addict and alcoholic now turned Born Again Christian said a bad word that was fine to use during his early years but is absolutely taboo in his new life!

The President of the United States used an explicative, a naughty word, a non-Christian word, a word that Jesus would not approve of, while talking to an adult, who, while his conversations have not been captured on tape, probably uses four-letter words during his discussions with other adults too!

The President of the United States used a four-letter word derived from shipping materials that were prone to internally combust if stored at the bottom of sea vessels during long voyages. “Ship high in transit” was eventually truncated into the four-letter word that George Bush, Leader of the Free World, said to Tony Blair, Prime Minister of England while sharing his frustrations with events in the Middle East! A founding partner in the Coalition of the Willing, the leader of a member country of NATO, the G8 Summit, and the United Nations used a cuss word!

Meanwhile, the Pope ate a cheese sandwich and somewhere Dan Rather cried!

The apocalypse is upon us!