Ok, this kind of nonsense, which I will share with you in a moment, makes me wonder if there is anyway to turn off a person’s oxygen support. If we can pull food tubes then dammit we need a way to prevent scum sucking thieves from wasting any more of our precious supply of oxygen. Like those heart-plug thingies from Dune, but for a person’s air supply.

Consider that theft and forgery are a form of devolution and as I do not have a deep desire to head back to the trees and start grooming the hairy back of the monkey sitting next to me, I think it’s our duty to fight these infringements upon the law, common sense, and decency.

Someone who goes by the handle allig8torx (that’s Alligator X apparently) took it upon themselves to go to File magazine, copy, paste, and publish other people’s photographs as their own. For example: Paul Russell’s “Charity” and Alligator X’s “Charity”. Another: Byron Barrett’s very lovely piece, “Untitled” and then Alligamouthbreather’s curious doppleganger “astica3”.

Sadly there are more, many more.

Unfortunately there is no option in Flickr to request that this person’s sexual reproduction organs be removed so as to prevent the blood line from continuing but there should be, this is web 2.0 after-all.