By now most Airbag readers know the continuing saga of Ghyslain aka the “Star Wars Kid”. For those of you in the dark, the Star Wars Kid video taped himself practicing deft Jedi skills in front of a video camera at school, which he forgot to take home. The tape was later found by some fellow sudents who put the video on the net. Hilarity ensued across the world for a weeks.

That is until two guys decided enough was enough and that something nice should be done for lil’ Darth Maul.

It’s 10:30 PM and so far $2750 has been raised to show the young would-be Jedi Knight that the world is sorry they laughed so hard at his Canadian ‘Darth Lord’ Idol audition tape.

Two thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars and yet the web-a-thon is still going.

All this for a chubby kid who forgot to grab the video cassette after taping his after school ‘Light Sabber’ practice.

I’m sitting here thinking, hmmm, I want a 12.1 Powerbook, alas I do not have the disposable income needed to take one home. Unfortunately shoplifting is a crime and there aren’t many riots in Corona Del Mar that would allow for looting opportunities.

So I have decided to make like a Canadian high school student and make my own audition tape. I’ve narrowed the potential scenes to the following:

  1. Jabba the Hut eating frogs, toying with Princess Leia and smacking C3P0 around.

  2. Pod Racing Anikin Skywalker.

  3. Jar Jar Binks never released, violent death scene.

  4. ‘One-hand’ Luke screaming at Darth Vader to go to hell.

  5. Lando Calrissian charming Princess Leia — with a brown bagged, 32 oz., Colt 45 in hand.

  6. Two-saber Yoda taking on Count Dooku (Tricky scene but with some piano wires totally do-able).

  7. Spock fighting Captain Kirk over a green slave girl.

I’d like to raise about $5000 but I’m not sure which scene will fit the bill. Any suggestions would be helpful.