If you live in California then I urge you to watch the one and only Gubernatorial Debate of Decision October 2003. We’ve all heard and read expert opinion on this race but no one man, or troupe of ‘experts’, can dictate the results of any election.

In short, if you live here, in the Golden State, then you should be taking this race very seriously. Forget the about the porn stars, comedians, and Gary Colemans running. Forget about the circus atmosphere of it all and remember that we are choosing the leader of the world’s fifth largest economy.

That last sentence means that this election is important. Big stuff. Ramifications of which will be felt around the world. This election is nothing to shrug at despite what major media outlets would have you think.

At 6 PM tonight the major candidates will finally gather in Sacramento and (hopefully) debate the problems and opportunities of this great state. It’s stupid that we should only be limited to a 60 minute exchange of ideals between these people but it’s all we get this time around so make it count.