Some projects are winding down while others are in their initial stages. This allows for a bit of free time for things like billing, taxes, and upgrading the Basecamp account.

Last summer, when launching Airbag Industries, LLC, I grabbed an account, tweaked a few things and started running without putting in any effort into sprucing up the virtual space.

No harm, no foul, but there is no need to get sloppy with your image, especially with applications that are used to interact directly with clients, the people who pay you money for making them look good.

Over the weekend, after winding up new projects, I realized that out of the box Basecamp is a little bland to the naked eye. So with a little Photoshopery I came up with a small badge and color scheme that makes the project management software look just a tad bit better, much like how the right tie (and by the right tie I mean the right hand-woven Robert Talbott) can make an ordinary suit pop.

After surveying the results I got to thinking, surely I’m not the only one to spiff up their Basecamp.