Shock, No Awe.

Why Donald Rumsfeld is still employed by the federal government is way beyond me.

It’s not that I believe he personally authorized the use of Western Appalachian techniques on Iraqi prisoners, but Donald is still the man on top — as it were. He is the epitome of the problematic war in Iraq and as such makes a delicious target for Bush’s re-election campaign.

So why haven’t the locks been changed on the Pentagon?

I’ve joked about an opportunity I devised for Bush to gain a better approval rating, but firing Rumsfeld is real and the impact seems broad and appealing.

For starters Bush could offer Rumsfeld’s botched leadership as a turn-key reason for any and all the failures of the Iraq war. After all, it was Donald who denied the request for 250k — 400k troops made by U.S. Army Generals. They calculated it was the proper amount required to successfully occupy the large country. Rumsfeld wanted to do more with less and as a result existing troops are stretched thin, enjoy a piss poor morale and the Iraq is far from being secured.

Firing Rumsfeld would have a bigger impact on relations with the people of Iraq. I don’t care if stacking naked men in a pyramid is within the Geneva Conventions of Robert Rules of Order, the perception in Iraq is that Americans are no different than Sadam Hussein. And it doesn’t help that Bush’s only plan of action is to hold a few court marshals. Kicking Donald’s ass out the door would show Iraqis that the United States is serious about Iraq and how Iraqis (even those in prison) are treated.

A Pentagon pink slip would also be welcomed by millions of Americans (Karl, these are the people you call voters). In the last several months I’ve had the opportunity to speak with persons from a variety of backgrounds, demographics, and zip codes. And very few, if any, consider Rumsfeld to be doing a good — not great mind you — job. Many of these persons are tired of his old, Cold Warhawk ways. His style of leadership may have worked against the pinko commies in the 1970’s but it’s far from the right style for the current situation.

With the ouster of just one man Bush would gain a few months of pin-the-blame, happier vassals, and stop the bleeding of potential voters. It’s seems to me to be a no-brainer, even the people from Arkansas can see this clearly. But I’m not a Republican campaign manager so maybe I’ve missed something .

Hell, I would have fired him a more than a year ago after seeing how boring Shock and Awe turned out to be.