A few days ago I received an email newsletter from one of my all-time favorite book stores, William Stout Architectural Books. Along with the usual list of newly available products, this edition came with big news for design book buyers: Everything in stock is twenty-five percent off until twenty February.

Wanting to help the independent book seller, I made an announcement of the sale on Twitter and went back to work. Hours latter Mr. Murtaugh asked what books he should buy to take advantage of the sale. Looking through the online store, there were so many that I could not name one or two. And thus ensued a quick burst of recommendations. And there were many, perhaps too many to post in such rapid succession for most @brilliantcrank follower’s patience, but it’s not often that I turn the fire hose on so, deal with it.

Many Twitter friends asked to collect the suggestions on Airbag. And that is what this is, a list of really great books to add to your library, sale of no sale. Keep in mind there is no referral money being made here. No under the table arrangements between shifty design book collectors. I love good books and good book stores, and I’ll always try to help them when I can, especially the ones that expose readers to volumes you’ll never find in a big box chain.

For those of you who were first-hand witness to the Brilliantcrank Twitter Storm of Ninteen February there is something new for you and the end of this list. I guarantee that you’re not going to want to pass it up.

Otherwise, here it is, the list of books I recommend buying from William Stout.





As some of you know, this list originally included the much sought after FontBook along with the words “go buy now”.

Stephen Coles, editor of Typographica and Type Director at FontShop pointed out that Stout’s sale only includes books that are in stock and that he had first hand knowledge that they were, in fact, currently out of stock. I asked if the good people at FontShop could match the offer (who looks out for you people, huh?) and he replied with a different idea.

The Airbag Exclusive FontShop Special

From now until 28 February, Airbag readers get fifteen percent off FontBook, the must have tome for any serious designer and/or typography fanboy, and Made with FontFont, Erik Spiekermann’s fabulously designed salute to FontFont’s fantastic type collection. Act fast and spread the word. It’s not every day these volumes are offered at a discount.

To get the special price use code AIRBAGGERY when purchasing FontBook and code AIRBAGFF when purchasing Made with FontFont.

And that’s it, I am spent. Perhaps one day I shall make my own Uncrate for things related to online design so that this kind of excitement happens all year. For now I shall retire my clerks apron and get back to work in the mines.