In response to a Longboard link I posted last week about Wieden + Kennedy’s sleepy (think web based narcolepsy) new website Anson Parker writes, with great passion (and language not suitable for Airbag readers):

Why are you so harsh on the new W+K site? Yawn? It looks to me like they’ve tried to do something inventive and original. I think their time line is an fairly interesting app that’s pretty well resolved (the zooming is very nice). On first load it’s a little overcrowded with data.

I assure you, this is nothing new and for an advertising agency that has been the poster child for out-of-the-box thinking in the advertising world for the last twenty years it is a big yawn. Timelines?! Pfffttt.

Hello W+K? Josh Davis called and he wants Praystation back.

Who isn’t doing timelines? Look at BBDO at least they but some time and effort behind their efforts. It’s still nothing new but the execution is a thousand times better.

But it’s a hell of a lot better than those arrogant, agency sites that have like a single white page with a paragraph of Courier type making some vapid statement of differentiation from the 700 other boutique agencies who all think they’re better than the rest.

I disagree. I think both belong in the same category of lame. And about that “vapid statement of differentiation” thing, get over it. Businesses have been doing it since Rome 1.0 and it’s not going to go away any time soon.

If this current “web 2.0” aesthetic isn’t the most cliched, copied and bland school of design I don’t know what is! Right now the web looks like two designers were responsible for the entire thing.

Agreed, but that doesn’t make W+K’s website any better. Don’t lower your standards just because the masses have. Expect more from the people who have the means and resources to do more.

Don’t be a bitch, the W+K site just isn’t that bad. BTW, I have no affiliation with them.

Two things. First, do you hunt kangaroo with that potty-mouth? Second, if you’re not the president of the W+K Fan Club then what in the hell do you have to be so angry about? Got First Amendment issues?

Feel free to chime in but keep the MySpace angst off my lawn. I’ve got enough for the both of us.