SecState: Waaasssaaappp!!!

SecState: Condi’s in here moving furniture around and trying to find a good spot for her war-fractured bust of Sadam.

Airbag: Are you serious?

SecState: Totally, some Marine brought it to her hoping to get a promotion.

Airbag: No I mean about Iran!

SecState: 🙂

Airbag: I knew it! LOL.

Airbag: Adapting missiles for nukes. Oh man you had me on edge. You suck!

SecState: LOL.

Airbag: I’m gonna have to get you back on this one.

SecState: 😛

Airbag: Remember last time…

Airbag: You’re all: portable chemical weapons labs, aluminum tubes!

Airbag: And I’m all: wolf, wolf!

SecState: LOLMAO!!!

Airbag: LOL!

SecState: Dude, I’m so bored.

SecState: Condi thinks I should go to Africa on the government’s tab but screw Africa, dude, like I need another giraffe pelt.

Airbag: Yeah it’s like almost one is too many. And they kinda smell.

SecState: So I thought, I’ll pull another fast one before I blow the doors to this place. I had Dan Rather in here and I told him I have an intelligence report from Tibet that proves Iran also stole all of Sadam’s WMD while he was eating Marrs Bars in that gofer hole.

Airbag: Brilliant!

SecState: Yeah his eyes started watering, leg was all shaking and he kept mumbling: courage, courage like he was Forrest Gump or something.

SecState: That cracka aint’ right. I don’t think he should be hitting the tanning bed anymore it’s wacked his brain.

Airbag: Is he really alive? He looks like he’s drinking embalming fluid for cocktails.

SecState: Dude, they have to give him the paddles before going on television.

SecState: The countdown guy goes to 3 and then they hit him with some Joules to get a pulse.

Airbag: Like Strange Brew! Hey hoser you gonna read the news or what?

Airbag: And here I thought he was being animated by Pixar, amazing.

SecState: Gotta go, Paul Wolfowitz is in the building, time to put some hurt on! Gonna grab me some heavy pipe hitting Marines…

Airbag: Give him a purple titty-twister Diablo style!

SecState: LOL, later G-Money.

SecState: k, later DJ WMD.