When I did the iPod gag I half expected to receive a cease and desist order from Cupertino. No biggie, if they do I’ll comply and what’s done is done. I didn’t expect to get a threat laid down on me by some Mac nerd who really needs Jesus but worships Apple instead. Harmless to be sure but I can’t resist this opportunity.

To make it worse I’m dealing with an anonymous coward who only identified him/herself as CWR. His/her email follows with my reply:

Please remove your look and feel of the web site used for the A. Simson iPod.

Thanks for asking, but uh, no. CWR, are you pretending to be someone really important at Apple, again? Didn’t your mother tell you to drop the dream and live in the now?

If you do not and do not email me with conformation when you do…

What? Huh? And to think people give me a hard time for my lack of command with the English language. Damn! I tell you what, if you ask nicely and then email me with confirmation when you have asked me nicely I might consider your request, but only after I get an emailed response to confirm that you have done so via email.

… I will contact Apple and inform them of your web page and how it could confuse their customers.

Oh, no! Don’t tell Apple! Then I’ll never be asked to the Apple Ball.

Wait a second, this has already been featured on Gizmodo, Engadget, iPod Lounge, Apple Forum, Total Fark, iPoding, USA Today, the list is really too long. Gee, I suppose there is a chance they haven’t seen it yet. Hey, when you show Steve do you think he’ll laugh? I’m hanging on the edge of my seat!

As for confusing Apple’s customers, I get the feeling that maybe you were confused and your email is really your way of lashing out at me in frustration. I hear you hommie and I’m here for you — let it all out. Find your happy place buddy, Ashlee is there, waiting for you.

I like the bit but you cant do it that well…

Really? Exactly how well can I do it? Please enlighten me.

…it looks like a real Apple web page and uses copyright files that I am pretty sure you didnt get permission for.

Holy crap! That’s exactly what I was hoping for! You know sometimes in parody you wonder how close to the real thing your bit will be (the closer the better). I mean, you do your best and lay awake dreaming but it’s almost too much to hope for. Thank you for the compliment! As for copyright, well, I’ll stand in line with the thousands of others who have taken advantage of huge corporations in the name of a good joke.