Sour Gyros.

I’d like to personally commend NBC for screwing up yet another of the Olympics opening ceremonies. NBC is the world’s gold medal champion in providing sucktacular coverage of one of humanities better events. Surely we can do much, much better than this.

I especially like how Bob Costas and Katie Couric feel compelled to narrate everything about the ceremony. And I really, really loved how they spoke over Bjork’s entire performance — assuring the audience that the athletes were not going to die while being covered by a giant parachute. Weeeee!

Robert, Katherine you are both giant asshats.

Just once I would love to sit behind these twits on Broadway and provide my own dialogue, bloated commentary, and useless factual tidbits during a performance. I ask myself how much more can NBC suck and the answer is none more, NBC could not possibly suck none more.

Maybe I’ll go visit Canada where I can see an event without the crap.