Russ, who is a friend and great former boss, made a comment tonight that is likely to get buried in the other responses of my previous post. After reading it I felt like what he said deserved better exposure.

While all this banter about motivations and political aspirations is mildly amusing, it misses the main point… 150,000 and counting died, and hundreds of thousands need help now.

I watched Colin Powel’s news conference, where even Jeb looked confused about his purpose there, and was struck by Secretary Powel’s statement that the US as a country is the most able to help; and with that ability comes the responsibility to act.

After a few days of debating how to appropriately discuss this with our children, my wife and I dove in tonight. We visited websites, watched video, broke out the globe and spent over an hour answering every odd question 7 and 10 year old children think of.

At the end of it all, my kids went upstairs and came down with $75 of their own money. That represented all of my son’s hard won poker winnings (which is another story all together) and a significant portion of their Christmas money. And frankly, it shamed my $500 donation.

And yes I know there’s a post about how to help a few days ago, but this is where all the current activity is.

News agencies are beginning to report the death toll could reach 300,000 people unless supplies, services and clean water reach the huge area affected (which I believe to be roughly the area of the west and east coast of America combined). Clearly this disaster is a long way from being over.
While our governments may not make good on their promises, we can. In every way you and I are better people than most of our politicians and helping in this disaster is one way to demonstrate that. Don’t stop writing about the disaster and need for support until it’s over.

And when we have all done our very best to help those affected I’ll tell you the story of how a father had his butt handed to him, by his young son, in a game of no limit Texas Hold’em.