With all this talk about blog popularity I have decided it’s time to get Airbag on the A-List.

None of the helpful suggestions from Anil Dash seem applicable to Airbag, so I came up with a sure fire way to be more popular.

I’m going to buy my way to the top.

Airbag is fast approaching the 1000th comment mark and to celebrate the occasion I have decided to give away a $25 Amazon gift certificate to the person who pushes discussions over the millennium mark.

There are, of course, some rules and restrictions.

  1. The winning comment must be written in English and it must have something to do with the topic. Your comment must be coherent, gibberish will only get you a smack on the head not free stuff from Amazon. Also, the winning comment must be made to the top 5 entries &#151 if I get one more person asking me how to hack into hotel television, I’m gonna close this content shop for good!


  1. Read, write, don’t be an idiot, and win!

Good luck.