When you have lived with the same person for close to eighteen years you feel like you know them pretty well, almost like a book. And then one day you decide to add said person to your Rdio family plan, which provides unlimited access to just about every album ever made.

Earlier today, within hours of having access to the digital music wonderland, She Who Apparently Does Listen to Music already had a healthy collection of albums added to her virtual collection. This made me very happy as I have been trying to get the Rocket Scientist into the this decade forever. I’m not sure what medications she’s taking now, but this year has proven to be a scientific breakthrough with the adoption of an iPhone, Twitter, Instagram and now, Rdio (crazy right?!). If only I was a Ph. D. candidate because this dissertation writes itself.

Looking over the collection I saw a few albums I recognized from way back in 1995, when we merged our CD collections together. Oh, there’s a few more albums from our early years in Alaska. There’s a couple from her days studying chemical engineering. And then, well, it all falls apart from there.

I don’t recall living with a Detroit rap fan or a connoisseur of American Idol graduates–wait, who the hell is Kim Carnes? And where is the rave music from her time right before we got together? Now, that would have been amazing but no, nothing awesome. Ok, maybe the U2.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised. After years of sharing a Netflix account I have given up hope that their recommendation engine will ever be able to understand the bi-polar disorder that is our viewing history. It’s filled with classic war movies, comedy from the 80s, and Criterion Collection mixed in with Transporter 1-3, Disney channel princess pajama party hoopla, and more ballerina documentaries than I ever knew existed. Somewhere in Netflix’s version of WOPR, I know I’ve been classified as a “weird, perverted uncle.”

Thankfully, with Rdio I have my own account and listening history; safe and sound from ever receiving a suggestion that I should listen to Kelly Clarkson.