Tuesday afternoon ended with the completion of a two day Flash MX class.

Lately it’s been hard to find a place and time where I am not distracted by work, the gorgeous rocket scientist, impeachment of that piece of crap Grey Davis, and Gameboy Advanced SP.

On Monday morning I met Matthew Pizzi, who provided enough solace and guidance to learn the very basics of Flash animation components. I made a square morph into a circle which lead to a old-thyme flickering countdown clock, which begat an exploding 3d box.

The animation, or movie creation process, is simple enough. Each animation is composed of a set of smaller animated movies — everything has it’s own timeline. There appears to be no right or wrong way to create a movie, just a few techniques to help save bandwidth and production time.

Thanks to Zeldman’s book I have a clear guide on how XHTML and CSS should be structured to work the best in most browser environments. Now I know Flash doesn’t have browser issues, you can either view it or you can’t, but I’m left to wonder if one movie structure is better than all others.

If so I would prefer to practice those methods now, rather than have to buy another orange book which basically says everything you are doing with Flash is wrong.

Not that I mind constructive criticism, I’m just trying to save time.

Any advice is appreciated.