Steve Austin.

Despite the rough appearance, Airbag is back and better than ever—Six Million Dollar style. It was a bit of slog to get here, but with the help of Jesse from Plasticmind, this old site has been restored, rebuilt, and improved.

From 2006-2019 this site ran on an original Mac mini tucked into a co-location facility in Costa Mesa, California. Running on Movable Type 3.2 (pour one out), it chugged along just fine until earlier this year when the mini just stopped working. A heroic effort was made by Leo at AtlantisNet to save the drive—save the content—but alas, it was too late.

Jesse was already planning on how to clean up years of content and bring it into a new platform. The death of the Mac just made the project more difficult. Thankfully Jesse took on the additional work as a challenge and began the process of scrapping the content from a recent static backup that I did a few months before the site died.

Many moons passed, and punches from the punch list were punched.

Airbag is now living on a combination of Github, Hugo, Netlify, and Forestry. Jesse will provide details in a blog post he’s writing. There is still much work to do, but that’s mostly on my plate. I’ve got a redesign and a rebrand in the works. And a bit of strategy couldn’t hurt. Having the site live now provides the much-needed pressure to get this done sooner than later.