Striped Hat.

Tomorrow the world will celebrate the 98th birthday of Dr. Suess. For those readers who are shrugging their shoulders, he is the man behind Green Eggs & Ham among a plethora of other fascinating children’s books.

This morning I was asked to give a shout-out (Yo) and props to the Dr. and what impact his work had on my life. Now, I am more of a Richard Scarry man myself but I still come into contact with the world of Suess from time to time. Of course as an artist I love to look at Suess’s artwork.

When I was in the 5th grade I remember pouring over The Lorax. The story of a creature who lost his beautiful forest to environment-destroying, pig capitalist. I felt so sad that he had lost so much to people who just didn’t care. I don’t even remember how the story ended but I kept going back to the illustration of rows and rows of tree stumps and the Lorax looking on in disbelief.

A few years ago my wife and I saw The Grinch which was especially nice because that movie, for me, captured Christmas. The snow, the glow of lights, the snow. Having recently moved to Southern California from Alaska, it was tough not having white stuff during Christmas. Somehow, watching that movie, that story, and being transported into the snowy setting made SoCal Christmas doable.

Now take one minute, even a second will do.

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