My frustrations with Google never cease.

A while ago I was denied participation in their text based advertising program that has become a common element of personal sites everywhere. Somehow Airbag (this site) was way more personal than other sites that display pictures of cats or posts about breakfast cereal. I merely wanted to make a mockery of the whole shebang and perhaps the could see right through my honest looking application.

Whatever, I can deal with that.

Now they have removed my site from search results for the word ‘Airbag’. Up until now this site was the number one search result; ahead of the National Safety Council Air Bag & Seat Belt Safety Campaign, way ahead of Airbag – Supplementa Restraint Systems or even Airbag Craftworks (which make some pretty cool bags).

This independent periodical is no where to be found in Google’s search results for the word Airbag – despite that it held at number one for more than a year.

You can’t give me crap about this site having nothing to do with vehicle safety because the number three slot is currently held by a German handbag company. And I have written extensively about safety issues with buying used airbags.

What’s the point in creating a personal site if people can’t find it by searching under the title?

I can’t believe that Google, the parent company of Blogger, would go to efforts to exclude personal sites, much less a blog from their results yet this appears to be the case.

Stupid, stupid search engine — who’s logo, by the way, sucks. Bigtime.