I’m back from Texas and boy are my arms tired. Uh, I mean I took a plane from Austin… oh, never mind.

For years my friends and peers have been bugging me to go to SXSW and there was always some type of convenient reason not too. Thankfully I was nagged into attending this year.

In short I had a fantastic time meeting everyone I’ve emailed, IM‘d, and “Longboarded” over the years. Upon reflection of the last three days I know now that staying away all these years was a silly thing to do.

There are those who view these types of events as waste of time and money (that there is no ROI from attending). I believe now that’s a petty excuse management, owners, and principal types use to keep their workforce by becoming distracted by opportunities that can pop-up at these events. Sure there are those times when work does have to be done and sitting out is unavoidable but the renewed spirit that can come from a few days with peers can also bring a tremendous amount of revitalized creativity to any project.

After having spent four days with the top talent in the field of online design I’m more energized to take on the world and destroy old-hat competition than ever before. And I’m sure there are others who are employed that now have a clearer vision and passion to create beyond their current abilities, to push harder.

Cameron said it best, “You come to SXSW to support your peers and get their support.” That can make all the difference in the world.

How much more GTD-ROI can you get than that? Put that in your forty-third folder and smoke it.

From my many conversations with designers, marketers, and presidents of companies from all over, I have learned that there are a lot of very, very interesting and intriguing projects, strategies, and announcements in the pipeline (all very non-web two-point-oh thankfully). You won’t get a word out of me except that the rest of 2006 will be nothing short of amazing.

I did not get the proper chance to say good-bye to a lot of you — the clocks seem to run a lot faster in Austin — take care and have a safe journey home.