#Apple / Ten “It’s About Time!” features announced at WWDC 2021.

A good list from Tidbits. Several seem to be trying to get macOS and iOS in shape to support people working from home. I got excited about all the upgrades to notes, including @mentions, until I realized it might not work as universally as it does in applications like Slack. Apple allows users to create a shared ecosystem as a “family,” and I can invite individuals to collaborate on a single document. Still, I’m not aware of a way to create a “company” that brings with it a directory of everyone in the company. In other words, macOS and iOS, despite having pro features, are not geared to set up a company network for collaboration. I would be delighted to be proven wrong. As Google becomes more corrupt, relying on them to supply collaborative tools continues to build up risk. And the tipping point is coming soon.

#apple / Fixing a broken Apple Pencil.

The plastic tips can be replaced of course (pack of 4 tips at a cost of 15% of a new Pencil!), but there was still a broken portion inside the Pencil that would prevent a new one from fitting. As the tips just screw in, I was able to get some purchase on the fragment (below) with a sharp pin and slowly unscrew it (remember: righty tighty, lefty loosey). It took a minute or two, but then it was out and I was able to fit a new tip. Everything works again!

Well done sir.

#apple / Apple Card disabled my iCloud, App Store, and Apple ID accounts.

File this under, “Ugh.” Dustin’s use of the Apple consumer ecosystem came to a grinding halt. The culprit?

My bank account number changed in January, causing Apple Card autopay to fail. Then the Apple Store made a charge on the card. Less than fifteen days after that, my App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, and Apple ID accounts had all been disabled by Apple Card.

He also forgot to mail in a MacBook trade-in for a new laptop purchase he made, which compounded the problem.

This all seemed to have caused what I would consider the perfect storm for a multi-tiered Apple user (credit, services, products). I’m posting this here to help spread the word but to also serve as a reminder in case something like this happens to me.