#bekindrewind / Books about VHS.

Art and design master Reagan Ray writes:

I’m intrigued by the idea of going low tech and watching a bunch of B movies on VHS that aren’t available anywhere else. And then there’s the box art, the glorious forgotten art of VHS box art. Since collecting old VHS tapes isn’t super practical, I like to admire the box art through books. Most of the books I’ve listed are full of old box art, but I’ve also included some narratives on the video store and a few guides to obscure movies that you can only find on VHS.

I thought about this a few days ago, about how it used to take for ever to browse through the video store and pick a movie. Damn that box art, because you had to look at everything to make sure something good didn’t get passed up.

Bonus: Check out Retro Wave Co., an Etsy store that sells VHS box art to download, print, and insert into a case.