My book just won an award.

I’ve always held the thought that, like a joke, if you have to explain what an award is then it doesn’t really matter. Having said that, I just learned that the book I co-authored with Ben Goldman and Abby Sinnott received a gold MarCom Award. Our book, Remote Work for Design Teams was conceived, written, and published in three weeks. We crammed to meet the immediate need of thousands of leaders who were struggling with leading teams remotely for the first time in their careers. It’s not a large book but we poured our heart and soul into each sentence. I have a happy memories of working closely with Aarron Walter and Susan Kaplow during the editing process. Both of them helped illuminate a path in my journey to become a better writer. The award came to me as a complete surprise and while I’m happy it has received this recognition, it was the teamwork on such a tight deadline that made the whole endeavor so worthwhile.