#chill / "WFH in your PJs adds three hours to your work week."

From a recent story on Quartz:

Working from home may mean less time in the shower—but also more time at your desk.

Forgoing grooming and commuting gives at-home workers in the US an extra six hours compared to when they went into the office, according to a monthly survey of nearly 4,000 respondents put together by a group of economists. Half of that extra time goes to more recreational activities, but they spend the other half working.

All of the years I have worked remote typically meant logging in at 6AM to check-in with my co-workers on the East Coast and then working through till 4-5pm. That wasn’t a habit created by working on a virtual team, but my own problems being a workaholic.

I am just learning what it means to create a “life”or lifestyle first and schedule work around it (I’m still very skeptical). I suspect I am not alone in learning this way of thinking. And while I have worked remotely for IBM, USAA, and InVision I have yet to see or hear of any employer help teach these skills. If remote work is going to continue en masse and at scale, helping employees learn what to do with the time they save not sitting in traffic or on a train will be, if not already, important for everyone.

#chill / For one day, the NHL arena moved to the mountains.

A helicopter pilot found a frozen glacial lake and hot mopped it to create a small playing surface. Two helicopters, several trips, and many COVID tests later, they played hockey.

Red team vs. Blue team. With a single net, the men played two games of “half-ice,” hockey’s answer to half-court basketball.

I love this—hockey’s version of Volta.