#feels / 2021 Logo Trend Report.

Interesting synthesis from Bill Gardner (author of the LogoLounge book series) after reviewing 35,000 logos submitted since last year’s report. I can’t recall another year where brand work was a clear reflection of global events vs. trends.

Consumers are looking for guidance in alien territory and we are the scouts and the guides. Brands have to be where the customers are and this year they weren’t in brick and mortar locales, they were online. All the more reasons brands need to be designed to live in the RGB world.

Conversely, we felt a deep need to disconnect from technology this year, and connect with nature. Ecology and the environment were huge themes this year, with a slight twist in every genre toward sustainability.

Unsurprisingly, many of the trends are geared to showing a shift in our culture or in a brand.

Responsive identity design shifted from variable fonts to variable typefaces that shifted from display serif to stark sans serif just to prove it could be done and demonstrate extraordinary metamorphoses.

Old school etched logos came back with a vengeance but were retooled to reproduce digitally.

The big theme I see in this year’s report is “change.” The need for humans to change their situation, outside the home and away from technology. The need for companies to finally embrace digital transformation, including how they show up in the marketplace. Take ABC, for example, who are altering their iconic logo to be “optimal for all digital, social, and emerging applications.”