#fistbump / Canlis to re-open with a new female executive chef.

This is the best restaurant in the Pacific Northwest. To read they are re-opening makes me happy. That they are doing so with a new phenomenal talent makes this event ten-times better.

[Chef Aisha] Ibrahim was the sous chef at California’s three-Michelin-star restaurant Manresa, and grew her career internationally, cooking for chef Eneko Atxa at Azurmendi in Spain and sister restaurant Aziamendi in Thailand, as well as in Malaysia, Taipei, and Japan. When Canlis co-owners Mark and Brian reached out in early 2021 about applying for the new job, she was still overseas looking into opening her own restaurant in Thailand.

Ibrahim had only passed through Seattle briefly once, awhile back, but the opportunity to make her mark on a storied Pacific Northwest dining destination was too good to pass up. “To be able to walk into a 70-year-old restaurant that you’ve never seen regular service in, there’s so many challenges about that,” she tells Eater Seattle. “But I look at this as a unique opportunity. We get to reset the whole restaurant.

Hang on to your butts, this is going to be amazing!