#freepress / “Imagine if news wasn’t there.”

A campaign from three of Canada’s leading newspapers to raise awareness and protest “against Google and Facebook, which, the papers say, siphon off advertising revenues while making their own profits from sharing news stories.”

The campaign highlights a media-funding problem with no easy solutions. The Trudeau government says that it will propose reforms to how internet platforms pay for the journalism they aggregate – but it’s a tough measure to implement. Just ask Australia, where Facebook has threatened to disable its newsfeeds and Google said that it would remove its search engine entirely if Canberra goes ahead with plans to bring in new protocols.

If I were Australia, I’d tell Facebook and Google to go to hell, oh, and goodbye! When will people wake up to know that print journalism is the world’s primary source of news, not television?

Healthy democracies require a free press, but there has to be a press to exercise those freedoms. Do you want to do something good today? Subscribe to a newspaper or three.