#later / Moving on from Hey email or How to create a Hey alternative.

Developer Franco Correa writes:

I’ve been trying out HEY (the e-mail service from the team at Basecamp) for almost a year now and I quite liked it. I loved the Screener feature, which lets me decide who I want to receive e-mails from and who I want to block from emailing me again, forever. I also found Imbox (used for real person-to-person talk), The Feed (used for newsletter and related stuff), and Paper Trail (used for receipts and confirmations) concepts pretty useful.

Even though the way HEY organizes my email is pretty comfortable for my needs, I’m not fully satisfied with the experience.

Franco goes on to provide a detailed instructions on how he replicated the features of Hey that he liked through “contact groups, message folders, and sorting rules.” If you’re looking for an alternative to Hey, this is it.