PX must not become a new design practice.

Earlier today I came across a “new” type of design called Product Experience (PX), and it made me want to throw up in my mouth a little. Please, dear Lord in Heaven, surely we’re not “evolving” or “maturing” design teams to go full circle to go back to focus solely on just the product. Not after teams going through a digital transformation like ripping duct tape off of hairy arms—please tell me nobody is thinking, “let’s just throw that all away and narrow our focus on just one aspect of the user journey.” But after a Google search, there it is, a definition of PX:

Product experience is a part of the entire user experience. It focuses on the journey within the key product itself. Think of it as user experience within the walls of the product.

PX is “a part.”

This isn’t a step forward, it’s taking a step eight years in the past! It’s a title change. It’s narcissistic people creating distinction for their role or service by giving it a new name. Only this one comes loaded with the potential for harmful consequences. I don’t care how many PX Ops people you hire (you know that’s going to be a thing, right?). This will end up with designers jumping into deeper silos than they already reside.

It’s also going to further create confusion in the recruitment and hiring of talent—which is already really, really screwed up. It’s bad enough that we have to distinguish between UI and UX, now we’re going to add PX? And what about CX?

Do you see where this is going? Digital design doesn’t need more complications. Not now, not ever.

Nothing good will come of this.