#thanksrob / FWA is up for sale.

Site founder, owner, and operator, Rob Ford, is ready to “spend more time outside and with his family.” Well earned in my book. FWA has handed out 8,000 awards to websites and interactive experiences since 2000. I don’t know anyone in the industry who doesn’t have a soft spot for the site. The web is better because of FWA. And it most certainly helped to spawn and influence an entirely new form of design (web, interactive, digital, UX, and UI).

Rob posts that “the FWA system itself, which is 99% automated and backed by a jury of over 500 judges.” That may be true, but there is no doubt it took a mountain of work to get it there. He’s undoubtedly had a front-row seat to the evolution of the web, which is well documented in his gorgeous book, released right before the world turned into a pandemic.

Mr. Rob Ford, designers around the world, owe you a tall, cold one. I hope you find a worthy buyer soon.