#weneedamontage / How to be the best.

From the amazing minds at Farnam Street comes a guide for becoming the best of anything.

Using deliberate practice, we can overcome many limitations that we might view as fixed. We can go further than we might even think possible when we begin. Deliberate practice creates new physical and mental capabilities—it doesn’t just leverage existing ones.

The more we engage in deliberate practice, the greater our capabilities become. Our minds and bodies are far more malleable than we usually realize. There’s much more to deliberate practice than 10,000 hours.__

It can even accelerate your progress in widely applicable skills such as writing, decision-making, leadership, studying, and spoken communication. The key in any area is to identify objective standards for performance, study top performers, and then design practice activities reflecting what they do.

If this sounds a bit familiar, look to Austin Kleon who outlined a somewhat similar framework for becoming a better creative in his book Steal Like an Artist. I haven’t had time to read through the entire guide but knowing who wrote it, you can bank on the advice and instructions contained within.

Stay curious my friends.