I’m a born and bred Christian American but when it comes to my cat Ramses, I’m all Hindu.

I am certain, beyond a doubt, that my cat is really a full grown golden retriever trapped in a feline body. Modern day science can’t explain it so I must resort to believing in reincarnation (and that cows are gods) for any this to make sense.

Think I’ve gone off my rocker? Read the evidence.

  1. Ramses loves water. He runs at the chance to play with water. I’m not talking about pawing at the faucet, my cat walks into the shower to get his Flashdance on as he tries to catch individual drops of water coming from the shower head. He gets completely soaked if we don’t catch him in time.

  2. He will play fetch non-stop, real fetch, not the kitten version where the cat goes after something, kills it and leaves it for the vultures. Ramses will run, full tilt after the mouse, play with it for a second and then bring it back right to my hand, wagging his tail the whole way and until I throw the mouse again. The cat would do this for hours and hours if he could.

  3. Ramses barks like a dog. When he was younger, Ramses would sit on my chest at 5 AM and bark until I woke up. I’ve never heard this cat meow in the traditional sense ever. He’s all bark, and no meow.

  4. And finally, he follows us to each and every room on the house. He does not like to be left alone in a room. On the occasions when he falls asleep and we are in another room, he will run until he finds us.

In his next life I think Ramses will be a sea otter.