This summer promises to be

This summer promises to be a good one for the motion picture industry.

I was able to get my hands on a screening for Terminator 3


After successfully saving John Connor in T2, the Terminator returns home to a heros welcome with a ticker tape parade through main street in Barter Town. The people in post nuclear war Earth love the giant android and he turns out to be a huge commercial success with action figures, a clothing line in K-MART, and he co-hosts of Monster Garage 2018 with Mad Max.

Things go very well for the Terminator and soon enough he lands his first acting gig in the movie Last Action Hero. Life is good and with his new found success the Terminator is thinking about becoming a Big Brother, the Govenor of California and perhaps marry into the Kennedy family of “awsom politikal powa”.


The movie turns out to be a flop but it doesn’t tarnish the new found fame or the tough, kill anthing, and talk cool image of the Terminator. It’s here in act two that we meet the bouncy blonde T-X — a creative director at Modernista! by day, and a lethal android who wants annihilate the human race by night .

T-X has one mission in life: to get a new spokesmodel for the Hummer brand of oversized and penis enlarging vehicles.

It hasn’t been easy for little T-X. All her life she has been harrased because of her heritage: a fourth generation robot made from robots who begat robots who were made from a rib of a robot. A lot of times during the movie people ask if she’s from West Virginia and make references to her ability to pick a banjo. The even started to call her iBarbie at work.

Sadly, Mad Max, Darth Maul, James T. Kirk, and Bender have all turned her down for the Hummer spokemen gig. That’s why it is so important that she get the Terminator on board.

The CG effects in this act are incredible!


With a new target aquired, the T-X finally gets the attention of the Terminator and thankfully he agrees to a deal. Not reall