The best comics of the decade, according to Polygon.

Getting a jump on the competition, Polygon published their best-of reviews for the 2010s. While I appreciate the brevity of their comics list (What is it with the 50 or 100 best-of crap? It’s like giving out participation medals instead of declaring winners. It’s no wonder we have an entire generation of young people who have constant anxiety because life doesn’t hand out awards for attendance, and neither should a best-of list. That’s how curation—a word so cherish, beloved, and hugged in this decade—is supposed to work.) I am a little bummed that nothing from Valiant made it in.

Back in Austin, I dipped into the local comic shop to see what was going on in the comics world. I stopped buying physical issues long ago after I learned how expensive it is to move across the country. A few years back, a friendly fellow told me about publisher Valiant and how they were cranking out the best stories at the time. I bought a few books digitally and was delighted by the compactness of the Valiant universe that did not deter the diversity of characters or storylines. It’s a great publisher with fantastic writers and artists who weave tales that are on par with some of the greats at Marvel—and sometimes DC.

Back to Polygon’s picks, it’s a no brainer. Aside from some of their indie selections, these books are the best of the best. If you want the extended list, look for the titles mentioned in the comments.