The Man.

I’ve been seeing more and more articles about the Total Information Awareness agency lately and the more I read, the more I’m freaking out about it.

These publications would have me believe the Fourth Reich has started to hold lunch meetings every Monday at Sizzlers across the greater Washington D.C. Area, where you can order a Stasi and Shrimp Scampi special for $7.95.

Consider this quote from John Perry Barlow of the Electric Frontier Foundation:

“If you have the Total Information Awareness project working, it might be relatively easy to find everyone who had bought more than a ton of fertilizer and 500 gallons of diesel in the last year, which would be a great way of spotting potential Tim McVeigh’s — but it would also spot half the farmers and ranchers in America. But having spotted them, it couldn’t toss them out until it’d exposed them to the next layer of search. And the important thing to think about there is that they’re no longer just looking for terrorist activity, they’re looking for any kind of criminality at all — which includes what I consider to be cultural crimes, like say marijuana smoking.” Mother Jones

It sounds very scary, but here’s my twenty-thousand dollar question: why do liberals always fear getting caught smoking weed?