The new MacBook Pro, the one without the “Touchbar,” is pretty great.

As I have done many times in the past, I snatched up a new Apple product on the day of its release. This time it’s the new MacBook Pro — the thirteen-inch model, the one without the second screen above the keyboard. While I think it’s a nifty idea, I prefer my keyboard sans an area that is sure to become a different place to put logos and convenient links to “buy more,” because the laptop screen already does a great job with those things.

Before this model, I have been using the MacBook that is so thin you can almost see through it. I really like the smaller form factor, but found that I really missed having a laptop that didn’t choke on things like trying to load The Verge (Had I known that the publication was going to release a new version that is 25–50% faster to load prior to my purchase I might have thought otherwise, but now it’s out of the box, all the files migrated, and my scent on the keyboard so there’s no going back. And Mr. Marcotte, if you’re reading this then I know you just made a grimacing face. You’re welcome.)

Speaking of the keyboard, as I tweeted earlier, this is by far the best and fastest keyboard I have used to date — Apple or otherwise. It may have helped that I have a lot of hours clocked on the MacBook keyboard (the predecessor to this one), but I feel a lot more spring after each strike which, for me, means I can type faster with fewer mistakes. The keys feel snug and confident which makes a great writing experience.

The screen is nice, and I like that I don’t have to touch it because finger prints on screens spread disease and just look super gross under any light source more powerful than a 60-watt bulb. I’ve never understood why people want to poke and swipe their computer screen so badly. Most people don’t poke and swipe their HDTV and then try to Netflix and chill, because there would be no chill while trying to view a crystal clear image through little bits of DNA. That’s like watching Netflix through a car windshield after a driving a few miles on a turnpike.


Anyway, back to this amazing device. It’s small, powerful, and light just as the old white guys on stage promised. The one thing I still have not been able figure out is how to get a handful of jerks to respond to my direct messages on Twitter, but Apple Support seem pretty sure that’s not the product’s fault. Not satisfied with that answer, I tried to argue my point of view with Siri, but “she” is still dumb as a post. Maybe I should have waited for a different model, but somehow I don’t think a “Touchbar” is going to fix that white hot mess.