Think Greed.

I can’t believe Apple is going to charge another $129 for the next upgrade to the operating system. That’s one-hundred and thirty more dollars that Macintosh fans have to pay out to finally get an operating system that renders video through the video card and, in my opinion, bring MacOS X to where it should have been with the release of version 10.0.

That brings the total cost of MacOS X to $260.

Steve, that just plain sucks.

If the game is price perception then Apple is winning. But if the goal is to deliver a competitive operating system to compete with Windows in value and price then they still have a ways to go.

MacOS is wonderful to use but it’s just not complete. It still lags sorely behind Windows in speed. Don’t give me the gigaflops story or I’ll bonk you on the head. Sure the PowerPC screams past a Pentium in processor tests, we have all seen the commercials and the independent PC Lab reports, but sit in front of a PC and a Mac and just open applications, browse the web, etc., Windows will beat Mac the almost all of the time.

Mike Davis, the creator of Only Mortal (a MacOS X application) recently told me that the Macintosh is so sluggish because it’s still running on old code. Apple programmers are still using Carbon instead of Cocoa. This is like the difference between FM radio and HDTV.

I miss MacOS X sometimes but the speed and performance of Windows keeps me from switching back. And there is no way I would ever shell out another hundred-plus dollars for more FM radio, I don’t care how cool it looks.