Three Point Oh.

Welcome to the new Airbag! A site to behold (no that is not a misspelling). Now before you start validating and measuring for curtains let me say that I still have some work to do, this project is not yet finished. I pushed back the deadline for six weeks and couldn’t bear another.

These guys are great!

I want to say thank-you to the following persons. All of whom shared opinions, helped fix style guides, and provided encouragement that resulted in the site you see here.

Tom Dolan, Ryan Irelan, Jon Wiggens (site pending), Dan Benjamin, Blake Everingham and Jeffrey Zeldman.

For a complete list of people who have in some way touched this website, either through inspiration or FTP, take a look at the source code.

Who am I, and what is Airbag?

It’s possible that you are new to Airbag. For you I have written an extended piece for the About page.

I am not Canadian, I live in California.

In trying to track down a new domain my choices were limited. was available and I live in California (CA) so why not? Besides if I could live anywhere in North America, it would be British Columbia. Screw San Francisco, I left my heart in Vancouver.

Clothing is on the way.

I’ve already had several request for t-shirts and baseball caps featuring some of the artwork seen here. Don’t worry, the swag is on the way.


There are problems which will surely be worked out in the next week or so. All I can say is, if you use Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh, well God help ya. It’s not that bad but something is definitely working against me with that browser. A curse upon it’s creators!

I realize (after Jeffrey pointed out) that the style guides could be better, faster, stronger. And I intend to make that happen in the weeks ahead. I’ll also get these pages validating XHTML Strict before you know it. Have Orange Book, will validate.

So now what?

Well I would like to get back to writing and linking and writing, and I have a new Shutterthumb to get ready for a February 1 launch date. Other plans are brewing for 2004, expect more announcements soon.