Once in a while, and just hours ago, I am asked how I come up with the one-word titles for articles here at Airbag.

As I am working on what will someday be the next version of Airbag — one that will utilize titles that describe an article in a way that search engines love — I will share with you how posts come to be named.

After writing the entry, I use an old European grammatical brain exercise whereby I choose the first word that could either be used to describe some part of the entry or makes some abstract reference which makes perfect sense to me but often times leaves readers confused (that said, even the most seemingly bizarre titles have a discoverable meaning).

As simple as that all sounds sometimes it doesn’t work and I have to conduct a small amount of research into the subject I am writing about. The method employed for this simple investigation is primarily secondary in nature as anything primary would involve an interview with myself — talking out-loud while no one else is around is one thing, but actually taking to myself is an activity I’m saving for when I get really old. Most secondary research is done via the Internet.

When all else fails I tack some words to a carpeted wall and toss a cat towards them. Which ever word the cat clings to is then selected for the title. This method isn’t as brainy but it’s sure fun to watch.