A few closing thoughts on these Olympic Games.

It was wonderful to see that Bob Costas did not close the games — his event, his stage. Can it be possible that he was yanked due to public outcry? The closing ceremonies without Bob and Katie was actually pleasant to watch, thanks NBC!

After all the crap the American media gave the Greeks for not being prepared for these games I’d say they did a spectacular job. I’d say the nation deserves an apology for all the bad press but I suppose the internationally televised two-hour tourism commercial (aka closing ceremonies) will make up for it.

Is it possible the threat of terrorism was hyped beyond the need? I understand that it’s happened in the past but while the world’s anti-terrorism was focused on the right hand, the left came around with a blow in Russia.

There was talk about what Greece is going to do with all of this sports infrastructure after the games. They’re going to hold some kick ass concerts and soccer games in fantastic Santiago Calatrava designed style that’s what.

When you work at Home Depot do they give you incentives for trying out for the Olympics? And where are the athletes from Lowes Hardware, do they just not care or what?

I hope the IOC will pull their head out from their collective rear and get it together with the judges in time for 2006. If the athletes can’t get a fair deal then what’s the point in these games other than outrageous broadcasting contracts and advertising revenues? The judge fiasco in Salt Lake City in 2002 was bad enough. In Greece it seemed like every day some athlete was screwed out of a medal due to poor officiating. Enough already it’s getting lame.

Once again, Canadian clothing maker, Roots, has styled the US Olympic Team in fine fashion. I can’t get enough Roots.

Everyone’s talking about Bejing in 2008. Uh, hello? The next Olympic Games are to be hosted in Italy two years from now. Damn, yo, why they all gotta be a winter game hate’as?

I think the best part of this whole shindig is when all the athletes from around the world mash together in one giant party. Say what you will but I think this is one of mankind’s better displays of unity.