In response to my last rant pertaining developers and their curious ability to mangle turn-key templates into a train wreck Mike writes:

If it came out butchered, they probably realized there wasn’t enough time and scrambled to finish whatever they were doing.

A keen observation. And as a result I take back seventeen percent of what I said earlier because in those situations it’s not likely the developers fault but the peeps who sign the checks. The boss, the managers, the editors, the directors, the producers: The Middle Management Club.

What is it about this group that they have such a hard time make decisions and sticking to them?

I’ve witnessed many disasters take place (hell I’ve been in the eye of the storm more too many times) and more money thrown at a ‘the problem’ because someone upstairs wavered and chose the different course. Seldom have I seen that decision making turn out successful.

I guess that’s why Douglas Adams made a point of sending middle managers into the heart a burning sun (or something like that’s it’s been too long since I read Hitchhiker’s Guide).