Triple Lutz.

1.  Lately I’ve been listening to µ-Ziq. It’s like a happier Art of Noise (no chainsaws) with peppy beats and cool sampling sound. With music like this who needs Jolt? If get-the-beat-down isn’t your style then might I recommend Aaron Copland. His great work, Appalachian Spring is easy to listen to any time of day.

2.  I’d like to think that Tivo cuts down on TV viewing habits but in fact, it’s more like a crack dealer in residence. Sure, I don’t channel surf anymore but I gotta watch all three Simpson’s re-runs on daily basis. I would have bought the Simpson’s: Season I DVD but with my crack dealer who needs it?

3.  More and more controversy at the ‘lympic games. I think they should add two events to both Winter and Summer events: Combined Debate Relay and 1500m Freestyle Protesting.

4.  Ever had Boba? Its this great Asian style drink that comes in a plethora of flavors. If you go the right place, they don’t use lids but instead seal a piece of plastic right to the top of the cup. Its thin enough to punch a straw through. My friend Brock tells me that in Taiwan they don’t even use cups, they just serve it in a plastic pouch. Very cool. Makes me want to immerse myself in a William Gibson book and think about egg noodles, bright neon, and virtual cryptography.

5.  Bobba Fett Jr. will be a feature in Star Wars Episode II. I think I might be the only one who is really looking forward to seeing the movie in May. Who could pass up the world’s greatest bounty hunter? Go grab Quicktime and watch all 9 mini-making-of stories including Bucket Head, a vignette about the Fett character.