In compliance with, what I think is California State Law, Airbag Industries LLC initiated a random drug screening late last week. Since fifty-percent of the work force are not in California, not even in the same office, administering the test was not as easy as maybe it could have been and perhaps a little less scientific than the law requires.

The results are still pending (though I suspect that Ethan has an addiction to NyQuil as his IM status is always set to: “heading to sooth this cough with a little Romulan Ale” and I don’t need a masters degree in management information systems to read between those lines) as I am still waiting for at least one specimen to arrive via FedEx Ground. I hope they haven’t lost it, do you know how hard it is to go through a jar of mayonnaise, sterilize it, and pack it in the absolute center in a box of those styrofoam peanuts?

When everything gets here I’ll run through some tests I found on Wikipedia. I might not be a scientist but I’ve watched enough Miami Vice to know how to check if white powder is cocaine so I figure this other kind of drug test can’t be that much more difficult.