I’m all for designers trying to break out of their shell but this Dwayne-Wayne ink blot created for the 2012 Olympics is a cruel fraternity prank. After looking at this work for the first time I wondered how many paint chips does a person have to eat to think this is brilliant work? Fifteen (with lead of course) or five-thousand (latex non-glossy)?

Love children from marriages between first cousins

I mean seriously, what, huh? uh, are you sure this is it…really? So the real one, oh, this is the real one? Pink and yellow? Will there be a version for board shorts? Yes, I’m sure it does look good on a pair of Vans. Does this have anything to do with the 25th anniversary of Fast Times at Ridgemont High? No? Just a coincidence, eh? When did they legalize marijuana in London? Is that French ice skating judge somehow involved in all of this?

Thankfully there is more to London than day-glo rorschach tests and it might, just might be possible that after more work is unveiled this will all start to come together but somehow I doubt it. When it comes to Olympic logos and design systems, make mine Otl Aicher.

At least his work didn’t induce epileptic shock.