Vote tomorrow.

It’s your duty, your opportunity, and your right.

If you don’t like voting then I suggest moving to a country like Iraq where the government helps you make voting decisions (that Sadam, he is such a helpful guy), or perhaps somewhere nice in South America where leaders stage military coups as if it were something fun to do in-between soccer matches.

A lot of people died for your right to participate in democracy (I’m talking about the brave men and women who drove the British off our shores) so get off your ass and don’t give me that ‘one vote doesn’t count’ crap. That’s a myth started by special interest groups and unions who use voting blocks like cards in a game of poker. These groups don’t want individual citizens like you and I participating in elections because they can’t control the vote.

Don’t vote for your favorite party, animal, or color. You did enough of that in grade school.

Vote for what you believe to be in the best interest of your community and country. Vote for who makes the most sense and what ballot measures will help, not hinder, the progress of your community and country.

However you cast the ballot tomorrow, vote early and encourage others to do the same.

And if you are in Florida (God help you), perhaps you should be spending this time to learn how to vote for the big day!