Sadly I don’t know anyone who lives or works in the city of London. I do know plenty of people who live in smaller towns and in Scotland, to those friends I wish you well and strength as I’m sure these events have scattered any feelings of safety and ease.

I remember the attack on my own country and feeling scrambled for the rest of the day, as though the world had been turned upside down. So I’m not sure what I can say to the people of England but I didn’t want to leave my only attention to the mater through a few links tossed in the Longboard, it deserves more than that.

The news correspondents here in America are struggling to keep up with rumors and anonymous tips while shuffling through hastily acquired experts on terrorism. Thankfully it would appear the caretakers of the city and its people were prepared for this type of attack. I assume the reason why the death toll hasn’t run into three or four digits. I suppose a long sordid history with bombings does that to a people, both a blessing and a tragedy.

Isn’t this where everyone shouts “God Save the Queen?”

I’m sure she’s okay and in good health, so how about this: “God save England, and those who have been injured and harmed on this day.”