There has been brief discussion as to why I do not care to join the American Institute of Graphic Arts, commonly referred to as AIGA. Especially considering I work in a studio that actively supports and volunteers to run the local chapter’s website (which is a fine work in it’s own regard). And by volunteer I mean the studio pays money — a lot of money — for the pleasure of being card carrying members.

In my perfect world AIGA should be doing more heavy lifting in communicating the value of design in everyday life. Sadly I don’t see that they do this very well, at least not down to the street level (non-Fortune 500) where I believe this message needs to be heard.

Thankfully we have Target, who is doing more to make the value of design an everyday discussion and purchase-behavior criteria than AIGA has ever done — correct me if I’m wrong.

Look at this wonderful copy quoted from their new Design for All advertising campaign:

Make it better, more fun, more exciting. Make it fly, make it soar, let it take your breath away. That’s what good design is all about. Transforming the ordinary into something better…maybe even something extraordinary.

With businesses like Target (and Apple) taking the design matters message into households across America, of what relevance does AIGA have in today’s world, and why would I ever consider becoming a member?

P.S. — The victor will be unveiled next Monday.