Used Airbags.

A number of you have found my site by searching for ‘used airbags’ via Google, Yahoo!, or Altavista. Welcome! I hope you find something of educational or entertainment value here.

However, I must speak to your lack of sensibilities for a moment.

An airbag is designed to prevent massive injury to you, or loved ones, by an oncoming vehicle usually traveling at a velocity that can snuff out a life faster than you can get search results from Yahoo.

Used things are cool, aren’t they? Everybody loves to find that killer garage sale item that has been taken care of so well, that it appears to be new. Women are now buying jeans that look like they’ve been soaking in dirt and dog urine because that’s in fashion. Used food isn’t so great, because it starts to smell really bad after a while. Now ‘used airbags’? Well hell, you’d be an idiot not to try and save some money right?

Dear mouth breather,

Searching for a ‘used airbag’ is not the way to pocket some extra Schlitz money. Nor is it acceptable to scrimp so you can afford that dixie-flag hood paint job that you have been wanting since high school.

My friend, please spend the extra money to purchase a ‘new airbag’.

Now, I know you don’t have a money tree in the back yard. But are you willing to play Russian Roulette with an oncoming vehicle? Sure the odds are that won’t happen but it’s better to play it safe and save your lovely wife who is wearing the fashionable dirt and dog urine pants. She is a treasure, she makes you look 45% better than if you were alone, so pay up and show her some respect.

Besides, Kooter’s Korner Liquor is gonna have beer on sale next week anyway, just be patient.

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