It has come to my attention that Euro Disney has recently become quite successful despite it’s flop shortly after the park opened (like Disneyland California Adventure).

Euro Disney 2.0 is now called Disneyland Paris but that’s not all that’s changed for the better.

I was able to find some information of the modifications Disney has made to make the park a lot more appealing to the French people.

Here’s the short list:

  1. Because it’s simply not possible to please the French palette with California grapes, wine is no longer served from cardboard boxes. In fact it is now required that every man, woman, and child bring their own bottle. Wine Coolers are not acceptable and will be confiscated at the main gate.

  2. Smoking is now required everwhere in the park. Even the kids can take paret as they learn how to enjoy the Flavor Country from Mickey’s Kool Pals. Take a drag with Goofy, Peter Pan, and Aladdin while riding the new Puff the Magic Dragon Ride!

  3. Character parades have been replaced with Disneyland’s Protests of Angst. Guests are now encouraged to join in rallies against America, whale hunting, nuclear weapons, and cardboard boxed wines. A special Mickey Protest Poster Contest is held one hour before the rallies on Main Street, U.S.A.

  4. The most popular new attraction to the park is Normandy Redux, where French guests can pretend to defeat the Nazis without the aid of the United States or Britain! Join Lil’ Napoleon Mickey as you storm the beaches of Juno and Omaha to drive out the savage Donald ‘Jerry’ Duck from the motherland.

  5. Lastly, Starbucks has opened thirteen new locations inside the park!