We the People?

I can not believe how many people I know (and in one case, related to) that did not make an effort to vote in this election. With war and the economic stability of our country hanging on the fence how could a citizen of the United States decide not to vote?

This pisses me off beyond measure. I mean, beyond measure.

I believe my new calling is to end this pathetic thing called voter apathy.

My program will work like this:

If you choose to vote then you get to continue living a normal American life. Thank you very much for participating and making an effort to care in our nation’s future and our children’s livelihood — Here, have a sticker!

If you should choose not to vote (and you are not a recent victim of violent crime or on your death bed) then you will get a two year vacation in beautiful Haiti, Cuba, or North Korea. I would choose to send you to a place like Iraq where voting is a mockery, but by 2004 we will have made it into another Puerto Rico or Guam and that’s not punishment enough!

Hopefully, by that time, all you non-voting dumb asses will learn how to breathe through your nose and have an appreciation for the right to vote.

In the meantime don’t ever let me here you complain about the state of our nation and it’s affairs. You don’t have the right.