A list of taglines meant to instill confidence in consumer choice for hiring designers that rarely get any other reaction than, “oh, I think I saw that in a Viagra ad once.”
> - We Are The Web

  • We Break The Rules

  • We Don’t Play By The Rules

  • We Are Perfectionists

  • We Bend Over Backwards

  • We Know The Web

  • We Do The Hard Work For You

  • We Are Obsessive About Perfection

  • We Are Obsessive About Details

  • We Are Obsessive About Results

  • We Are Gigantic

  • We Are Change

  • We Are Ideas

  • We Are The Market

  • We Are A Creative Bunch

  • We Get Results

  • We Speak People

  • We Speak Design

  • We Get Things Done

  • We Create Ideas That Activate Brands